Thursday December 07 , 2023

About Us

HostWizard Works is a leader in offering low cost web hosting.

How can we say this?

Our company, WebWizard Works, Inc. started off as a web design firm in 1996 and had to host our client web sites with high priced web hosting companies - which were all that was available at the time. We became a hosting reseller for Adgrafix (which is now, but still they set the prices, which on the low end was $39/mo. We later moved to being a reseller for Web2010 (now called Hostcentric), which allowed us to lower the rates a bit for our clients. But we still weren't satisfied with the rates we needed to charge. We then found our best rate as a reseller with DonHost in the UK, however we quickly outgrew what they were willing to accommodate and so we set out to break away from being a reseller for someone else and HostWizard Works was born. Equipped with our own servers, we were among the first of hosting companies offering plans under $10/mo.

Why are we different?

Because of our vast experience designing clients websites, we have real world knowledge of what resource limits and hosting features are most needed and desired. While others may offer more disk space and bandwidth then they know you will ever need to entice you, they then limit the types of resource consuming activities you can do or you run the risk of being terminated. We strive to provide you with realistic resource amounts and include for free all the features you need now and all the features you'll need to grow at very competitive rates.

Data Center


Data Center

We use only the best quality equipment, enabling us to provide a top performing and flexible web hosting service to our diverse range of clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a money back guarantee with all our plans for any cancellations made within the first 30 days of ordering.

Control Panel

Manage your virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, applications from one comprehensive and friendly interface.