Friday June 14 , 2024

Email Only Hosting

'Email only' accounts for those who would like their own domain name email but haven't a need for web site hosting. - you @


Both email hosting plans feature:
SpamAssassin Spam Filter
No Banner Ads or Popups!

Basic Email Only

Our Basic Email Hosting plan is by far the most popular, as the resources are generous enough to satisfy a family or small company.

256 MB Space
2,560 MB Bandwidth
10 Email Accounts

12mos: $29.95/yr

Business Email Only

The Business Email Hosting plan is larger groups, allowing for a higher number of mail boxes with greater space and bandwidth limits.

MB Space
10,240 MB Bandwidth
25 Email Accounts

12mos: $59.95/yr

Email Hosting Account Plans

Why have your own domain name e-mail address account instead of using the e-mail address that comes with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) account?

  • With a email domain hosting account you can get a unique, fun and easy to remember e-mail address
  • With email domain hosting there's no need to change your e-mail address next time you change to a new ISP
  • We provide up to 10 or 25 private mailboxes
  • Webmail and/or POP3/IMAP access
  • E-mail can be forwarded to your existing ISP mail account or any other address if you choose
  • SMTP Access on port 25 or 587
  • Much more server storage space than your ISP
  • Easy to setup: We provide simple setup instructions to get you started

Data Center

We use only the best quality equipment, enabling us to provide a top performing and flexible web hosting service to our diverse range of clients.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer a money back guarantee with all our plans for any cancellations made within the first 30 days of ordering.

Control Panel

Manage your virtual domains, mailboxes, databases, applications from one comprehensive and friendly interface.